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Pixel Driver v0.7.2 is out with Android beta support


Pixel Driver is still in development and I’ve reached the point where I dare to release a beta for Android, sign up here: you can also try it on PC:

Pixel Driver Traffic Jam

Game play mechanics
After testing with different game mechanics I’ve come to the conclusion that fuel was more logical and that you also need to refuel at gas stations instead of collecting coins along the way.  This provides a stress for the player that they must speed up to reach the next gas station before they run out of fuel. The gas station also requires you to reduce your speed to get a full tank which is a nice way of pacing the game.
Coins is  the in game currency and you collect them as you drive along. I need to tweak how many coins you get as it feels a bit to low at the moment.

I’ve also added events that can occur and right now traffic jam is the only one that works. With traffic jams the player is forced to either go off road or cruise between the cars. This also changes the pacing of the game is a nice way to get it to feel more alive.

There is a new level included which is a 4 lane desert highway, actually this is the only level that you can play now.

Garage and upgrades
Everyone loves to unlock new cars, paint and upgrade them right? Well now you can with the coins you collect. There are only 2 cars in there for now but more will be added.

Pixel Driver Garage
Android BETA1
Finally I have the first beta available on Android, sign up for the beta program here:

Increased performance and more mobile friendly
Early on I decided that I wanted the game support a fairly long view distance and also quite heavy traffic. Doing this with even simple models turned out to be a real challenge. One major resource hog is the standard Unity shader, while Unity claims that it’s light weighted my testing shows that it’s not even close to what I needed. I developed a custom shader that only uses Vertex lightning which was a major improvement over the standard Unity shader but it still wasn’t enough I needed more performance. After profiling the game I noticed that there were too many SetPass calls each material in a model causes a SetPass call and some of the models I used contained up to 7 materials. To solve it you usually use a single texture that contains several cars however I want to be able to support many colors so that wasn’t very practical. Instead I switched the models to use Vertex Colors and by doing that I could reduce the SetPass to one per car and using the same technique on other objects brought down the SetPass call count to around 20 when the level is quite busy.

With these optimizations the game runs at between 40-60 fps on my Samsung S3 which is more than enough for me.

Feedback and discussion
Join my discord server

Super Jumpy Ball v1.1.5 with support for Xbox One is out!

I’m very happy to announce that Super Jumpy Ball Premium is finally available on Xbox One!

Version 1.1.5 also includes the brand new ghost level. The new levels are already available on Android and Windows Store and Xbox One

Super Jumpy Ball Xbox One Branded key art

A bit more details about the Xbox One version, mostly for other game developers

The Xbox One version was created through the Microsoft Xbox Live Creators Program. This is a great program for indie game developers as it only requires a regular Xbox One for testing and then anyone is allowed to publish. Most the game ran straight away as it is a UWP project created through Unity. BUT there is an annoying issue and it’s that there is a virtual mouse that is displayed if you create it as an XAML project. You can avoid this by creating a D3D project but I need XAML since I want to be able to use Microsoft Banner ads. So there are 2 workarounds for this:

Work around #1: 
Change the App code to ->
public App()
this.RequiresPointerMode = ApplicationRequiresPointerMode.WhenRequested; //This hides the virtual mouse
appCallbacks = new AppCallbacks();

This is good workaround but there is a big issue, I need to user to be able to interact with ads at some points, so I need the virtual mouse 😀

Work around #2: 

Hide the mouse cursor through Unity:

Cursor.visible = false;
Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;

This is the method that worked best for me as it gives control over when the virtual mouse is visible and when it’s not.

The new ghost level

Super Jumpy Ball Ghosts

PS Don’t forget to review the game and write what you would like to see in the future. We already have a suggestion to add a magnet. We’ll try to add as many requests as possible. Please spread the word about this game to your friends and family, every new person who plays this games makes us very happy.

Pixel Driver v0.6.6 is out with more randomness


I’ve got another alpha build that you can try, get it at 😀

This build mostly changes things behind the scenes which makes it easier for me to develop the game but there are some changes related to the AI cars. I’ve added new AI cars from  Racoon Media which makes them look even prettier.  AI cars now drive at different speed and they will break if they’re about to hit another AI car driver. This changes the pace of the game and it makes it easier in the start and then quickly get’s harder when traffic increases. This also means that AI car drivers in the left lane will drive faster than before and you’ll need faster reactions to dodge them. A few more sound effects have been added and also a random color scheme for AI cars.

Looking at the tech stuff in a bit more details

This game also target mobile phones and there was some lags caused by instantiation and too heavy shaders. The LD Jam version was creating terrain and ai cars on the fly, this has been changed in this version which now uses a pool instead which decreases the strain on the CPU a lot. I also found that the default Unity shader was too heavy for older mobil phones like Samsung S3 so I changed it to a much more low weight vertex lit shader. The changes was enough to get the game to run at about 50-60 fps on an S3 which is smooth enough.

Auto tree generation 

Creating terrain pieces for this game took way more time then I expected. So I’ve created a tool that paints tree and other objects for me. Here is how it looks in the Unity Editor.

The white area is where the trees will be placed and I can select how many should be placed etc.

With low tree density settings it generates this

And higher density gives this

This feature can be used with any type of object and saves a ton of time 😀

What’s new in v0.6.6?

* Fixed bug: AI cars can spawn on top of each other.
* New Feature: Procedural generated trees in “boxes”.
* New Features: AI cars detects and reacts to other AI cars.
* New Feature: Swoosh sound added when you pass AI cars.
* New Feature: Added random color to AI cars.
* Improved: Created pop-up script for coins too.
* Improved: Removed newsletter question
* Added SFX when car starts

* Better performance on mobile devices

* Shader optimization, new custom shader vertex lit.
* Changed camera angle slightly
* Reduced break effect
* Add in car camera, you can shift cameras with C
* Added AI cars from Racoon Media

Ready set go! Pixel Driver is on it’s way

Pixel Driver is a new game that I started to work on this weekend. I did this project for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam and finished it in 23 hours. I had a lot of fun creating the jam version and also saw how much fun people had playing so I just had to make it into a game for everyone.

Pixel Driver is a fast paced endless/infinite driving game with retro 3D pixel graphics

Can you reach #1 on the Global rank? 

Pixel Driver will be available for PC, mobile (Android, iOS and yes even Windows Phone). In fact you can already try it on Hopefully I will be allowed to publish it for Xbox One too in the future.

Checkout the in game video from the game jam

The game was created with a new tool, Asset Forge, which makes creating game assets much easier. The tool is in beta but I can recommend it to any game developer. I would not have been able to create this game so fast without it. It similar to using lego so anyone can use it. Give it a try here.

In future versions I will add support for multiple cameras and the ability to unlock more cars. Also the environment will be enhanced with different themes so you won’t get bord seeing the same landscape all the time. The pixel graphics will however remain as it makes the game looks awesome but also enables it to run extremely fast which is what I wanted. You really need fast reactions to be able to play this game at full speed. What would you like to see in this game? Let me know now and there is a good possibility that I will add it in future releases.

Tools used

Asset Forge, Unity, Audacity, Gimp, Blender, Visual Studio.

Super Jumpy Ball v1.1.3 with 3 New Levels

Jiiiha! More levels added to Super Jumpy Ball on Android and Windows Store.

The new levels are already available on Android and Windows Store.

If you read this then contact us and write “FREE KEY” in the Comments and we’ll the first 10 people a free key for Windows Desktop & Phone. Don’t forget to add your email so we can send you the key. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this game :o)

We’ve listened to your feedback and have added more levels educating new gamers how each mechanic works such as doors, blocks that break when you touch them etc. Keep sending more feedback and we might just implement your idea. If you want to discuss things with us then please use our Discord server: We have not used it that much yet but we’ll start doing that more and more in the future.

This updates adds 3 new levels making it a whooping total of 26 levels, more is scheduled for next release which will hopefully be within 2 weeks! Is a new version every week too much, should we bunch them together more or is it good this way? Let us know what you think.

We’ve also got request for iOS support and we’ll be working on that once we are done with adding more levels. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of time to support lots of platforms but we’ll get to it after the summer. After all we really want to provide a nice game experience for you while playing Super Jumpy Ball.

PS Don’t forget to review the game and write what you would like to see in the future. We already have a suggestion to add a magnet. We’ll try to add as many requests as possible. Please spread the word about this game to your friends and family, every new person who plays this games makes us very happy.

Some of the new levels

SuperJ Jumpy Ball - Doors

SuperJ Jumpy Ball - Don't fall down

Super Jumpy Ball v1.1.2 is out with even more levels

We’re in level creation mode, v1.1.2 is ready for you to enjoy on Android and Windows Store (Desktop & Phone).

The new levels are already available on Android and Windows Store.

There is also a new obstacle which consists of spike stuck to a rotating stick creating a kind of sword, hard to explain just try it 😀

A 2 new levels have been added to making it a whooping total of 23 levels, more is scheduled for next release which should come out next week! Is a new version every week too much, should we bunch them together more or is it good this way? Let us know what you think.


On Android we have also added a new achievement, “Be the best”, which you get if you reach position #1 in any of the leader boards. The “All star” achievement have also been modified so you can see exactly how far you have progressed.  On the Windows Store version we’ve also added a section for more games where you can see our other games that support Windows Desktop and Phone.

PS Don’t forget to review the game and write what you would like to see in the future. We already have a suggestion to add a magnet. We’ll try to add as many requests as possible. Please spread the word about this game to your friends and family, every new person who plays this games makes us very happy. 

Super Jumpy Ball be ware of spikes

What’s new in v1.1.2?
* 2 New Levels.
* New Achievement: Be the best, place #1 on Endless or Time Attack.
* New Feature: Rotating spikes that will kill you.
* Improved: All Star achievement changed to progression achievement instead.
* Improved: Added More Games for Windows Store too.
* Fixed bug: On Android when pressing back button when Leaderboard is open hides the game UI and you cannot continue since the buttons are gone.

Super Jumpy Ball v1.1.1 is out with new levels!

My focus is to add more levels and also more obstacles and enemies to make the game even more fun.

That’s why I happy to get v1.1.1 out which adds 3 new levels and also a number of new things like ghosts, turrets that shoot at you :o)

The new levels are already available on Android and Windows Store. The levels are inspired by Pacman and Donkey Kong.

I’ve also been busy preparing Xbox One support for Super Jumpy Ball, which would be totally awesome for me! With v1.1.1 Super Jumpy Ball is actually ready for Xbox One and I’ve been playing it on my console, however I need to get the go ahead from Microsoft which I hope to receive towards the end of this month so fingers crossed.

On the Windows Store version Xbox One controllers are already supported so plug it in and have a blast, I think that the game is much better with a gamepad however I’m slightly biased.


Super Jumpy Ball - Ghosts


What’s new in v1.1.1?
* New Feature: Added a saw blade gun that aims that the player
* New Level: Level with saw blade guns added.
* New Feature: cannon that shoot spike balls
* New level: Donkey Kong inpsired
* New level: Pacman inspired
* Improved: Made some levels slightly harder
* Improvement: Objects that can break now cracks when player hits them and then they crumble after a short period of time.
* Improved: Leaderboard on Windows desktop and Xbox now uses Joypad to scroll too.
* Fixed bug: Windows Desktop & Phone in Leaderboard pressing the back button, the menu behind it was active and stealing focus on buttons.
* Fixed bug: Windows Desktop the navigation could be ignored on the leaderboard when you tried to move with keys or joypad.
* Fixed bug: It was not possible to change name on Xbox


Super Jumpy Ball is out on Windows Store (Desktop & Windows Phone)

Thank God it’s Friday!

And what a great Friday it is, Super Jumpy Ball was just released on Windows Store 😀

Get it here for Windows

This also means that Super Jumpy Ball is ready to be released on Xbox One the moment we’re allowed to publish it, hopefully later this month.

For Android there is an update called v1.1.0 and it includes several important improvements but the one I’m most happy about is the improved Wall Jump, now it’s way easier to do Wall Jumps.

Next up is more levels and new fun game mechanics!

Super Jumpy Ball

What’s new in v1.1.0?

* New Feature: Windows Store & Phone support.
* Improved: Invert menu colors on buttons, makes it easier to understand what is selected and what’s not. Light ones are selected, dark ones are not now.
* Improved: Increase contrast between selected menu items.
* Improved: Better Wall Jumps, Player sticks to walls for a short wile when hitting walls.
* Fixed bug: On level completed & Failed UI has wrong navigation keys
* Fixed bug: Version text was wrong under settings on main menu
* Fixed bug: Flag animation gets stuck on Android when connection to Google Play fails
* Fixed bug: Level selection when using keys or gamepad was not correct


Super Jumpy Ball is out!

Today is a great day! My next game Super Jumpy Ball was just released on Android.

Super Jumpy Ball is the spiritual follow up from Super Bounce Ball Maze with the much requested jump button.

This is the 11th game that I publish :o)

Super Jumpy Ball is a bit different than Super Bounce Ball Maze, the largest difference is that Super Jumpy Ball has a jump button.
The gravity has also been increased and the ball also reacts faster to the controls, this makes it easier to nail tricky jumps.

The first release only includes 19 levels but more will come once I collect the initial data and feedback to determine if the levels are too easy or hard.

Support for more platforms will come later but my first mission is to add more levels.

Hope you like Super Jumpy Ball!

Click here to download Super Jumpy Ball

Keep on rolling with Super Bounce Ball Maze v1.4.0

I’m happy to announce that Super Bounce Ball Maze v1.4.0 is out and adds yet another game mode, Endless Survivor.

In endless Survivor the goal is to avoid falling spikes as long as possible. It’s a simple but highly addictive game mode where you can also challenge your friends in the leaderboard/hall of fame.

PS did I mention that Super Bounce Ball Maze has been downloaded over 50 000 times on Android? AWESOME and thank you all for the support.

Super Bounce Ball Maze Surivor mode

The update is our for Android, IOS, Windows Phone & Windows Store.

Hope you like it!

The plan moving forward it to add a few more level and also possible another endless mode since it seems to be enjoyed by most people. Make sure that you review the game and tell is what you would like to see in future releases, after all I’m making this game for you. All ideas are welcome and please join the new Discord server where you can discuss things with me directly.

Please share this game with your friends through social media, email or just ask them if they can beat your score.

I’m also considering to bring Super Bounce Ball Maze to Xbox One, let me know if you would like to play Super Bounce Ball Maze on a console.

For the next 2 weeks things will be kind of quite since I’m heading on a well deserved vacation in Mexico. Meanwhile keep playing indie games and don’t forget to support your local #indiegamedev.

Peace out!

Click here to download Super Bounce Ball Maze

What’s new in Super Bounce Ball Maze v1.4.1

* Improved: Full screen ads are shown less often.
* Improved: Faster scroll on Windows & Mac in Hall of fame with mouse.
* Fixed bug: Windows Store & Phone was not showing rank on Survivor mode.
* Fixed bug: Windows Store & Phone showed a button to start next level on Survivor after looking at Hall of Fame