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New city stage in Pixel Driver v0.8.6

I’ve been busy with a new stage for Pixel Driver :o)

Pixel Driver City Stage. An indie game for PC & Xbox One

It’s a city stage with 4 lanes of traffic but two lanes have traffic in opposite direction. The stage is still in beta and needs a bit more work before I’m totally happy with it.

Another big change is that fuel stations have been removed. It simply wasn’t any fun to stop and refuel, people just want to drive fast and I totally see their point. Now you have to rely on picking up fuel cans along the way.

Sadly I had to get rid of the shadows because the performance wasn’t good enough.

The controls in the game received a minor tweak too.

Next up is adding more variation to AI cars and also add a couple of more cars for the player.

PS the version will show up as v0.8.7 on Xbox One due to an issue in the certification process.

Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on here
Android here

Details v0.8.6:
* New city stage (beta).
* Improved: UI effect when passing other players have been reduce to avoid distracting the player.
* Improved: Made graphics brighter.
* Improved: Remove re-fuel stations, sorry if you liked that aspect of the game. I felt with the new cars that you don’t really want to stop for gas. Now you get more frequent fuel cans instead.
* Fixed bug: First terrain blocks didn’t use the “popup” feature properly.
* Remove shadows: Performance was not good enough.

A new car arrives and AI get’s smarter in Pixel Driver v0.8.5


It’s been a while since the last update for Pixel Driver. Sorry about that. Pixel driver is still very much in development and I’ve just added a new car to the game. The car is super duper fast so you’ll have a blast speeding through to infinity.

Play Pixel Driver on Xbox One & Android

Shadows and other improvements have been made to the light system is the game

AI Drivers do behave now and actually use turn indicators while changing lanes.

Play Pixel Driver on Xbox One & Android

Hope that you will enjoy this update. Stay tuned for more.

Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on here
Android here

Details about v0.8.5:
* New car added!
* New Feature: Added shadows.
* New Feature: AI drivers use turn indicators.
* Improved: Increased performance on low end mobile devices.
* Improved: Slightly increased max speed of all player cars.
* Improved: Tweaked controls (again).
* Improved: Increased performance on low end mobile devices.

Traffic Race 3D 2 is out on Xbox One!


Yes I’m still alive and I’m working on my games as per usual and I’ve got some very exciting news. Remember my old game Traffic Race 3D 2? No? Well that’s not so strange it was released several years ago. I’ve brought it back from the dead and now it’s out on Xbox One with improved car physics and much more.

That was the good news. The bad news is that I had to strip multiplayer since I’m not allowed to publish multiplayer titles (yet) under the Xbox Creators Program. However I’ve created a new split screen mode which I think is pretty awesome. While I’m on the bad news I also decided to remove the endless mode, why? Well it kind of sucked to be honest, this game was created to be an arcade racing game. That means that physics and handling isn’t really suited for driving along a straight boring road.

What about the Android version? Well it still works and has multiplayer and the old features. I will eventually update it and that means the endless mode will disappear there too but the controls will be much better.

I’ve got a few ideas of new levels that I will try to create for the game. Probably something around stunt driving we’ll see what I come up with.

Try Traffic Race 3D 2 on Xbox One already!  I hope that you will enjoy the game and remember do NOT drive safe.

Traffic Race 3D 2 Xbox One. Xbox Live. Creators collection. Creators program



Get the Xbox One & PC version here . You can also get the Android version .

Feedback and discussions

Join my discord server . If you have any suggestions or ideas how to improve the game please don’t be shy. Visit the Discord and start talking 🙂

Big thanks goes out to who helped create thew new logo for the game.

A new game appears – Snake vs Snake for Xbox One


I’ve been working a bit on a new game alongside my other projects. I wanted to try to create a game that supported 4 players on Xbox One so I thought hey what happens if you combine classical Snake with Mario Kart? Well that’s how I got the idea for Snake vs Snake. The first version is pretty basic but still fun, you can play against up to 4 players in Battle Mode using Mario Kart style powerups to defeat your enemies. Or you can just enjoy a classical endless game of snake where you just eat food and get longer. I did include a global high score list so you can compete with your friends or just prove to everyone that you are the best snake player ever. The retro graphics was fun to recreate with modern technology including the limited frame rate emulation.

I’ve got plans to include a regular mission mode where you need to solve tricky levels and even possibly include a level editor. More powerups in battle mode is something that I’m considering too but I’d love to get your feedback on Snake vs Snake. Either write what you would like to see next in a review or join our Discord Server.

Even though boxart is probably not used anymore I still couldn’t resist the impulse to create of for this game :o)


Snake vs Snake - Xbox One Indie game - Creators Collection



Get the Xbox One & PC version here . Sorry there is no plan to create a mobile version for this game.

Feedback and discussions

Join my discord server


The game is in EARLY ACCESS which means it’s still in development and we want feedback from you in which direction the game should be developed. Future ideas is to build a level mode where users can create their own levels.

Happy new year! Pixel Driver kicks off the new year with an update

I hope you had a great holiday, I certainly did and had a lot of time to focus on game development 🙂

Pixel Driver has really had a flying start and has been downloaded over 2 800 times from the Windows Store mainly from Xbox One owners since the launch in Oktober 2017. A big thanks to everyone who downloaded the game so far 😀

Pixel Driver is out with a new update which adds turns and also tweaks the game in several important areas like getting more coins and fuel tanks along the way. Thank you all for the support and nice feedback. Keep the reviews and suggestions coming and I’ll try my best to implement them.

Here is a short video covering several parts of the update.


In the next updates I will try to add additional cars and continue to add more variation to the road. The long term plan is to offer several stages with unique graphics and challenges. Make sure that you send your feedback and ideas either through a review or join our Discord server.

Below is a sneak peak of the new car that the artist behind the cars are working on. If you like his style make sure to stop by at his website  or follow him on Twitter 

Pixel Driver concept car from Racoon Media

I’m looking forward to a great 2018 with loads of more updates for Pixel Driver around the corner and yes there are a few new games coming out soon!

Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on here
Android here

Feedback and discussions
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Whats new in v0.8.3?
* New Feature: Road turns!
* Improved: Changed steering.
* Improved: Other players flags are elevated and less in the way.
* Improved: New version of gas stations that you cannot collide with.
* Improved: Special road sections appears more often.
* Loads of bug fixes.

Pixel Driver – The best indie game on Xbox One Creators Collection 2017

Awesome news!

Pixel Driver won the award as the best indie game on Xbox One Creators Collection 2017 by The hidden levels.

The competition was fierce and I’m very happy and a bit surprised that we actually won. Check out the video below.

Pixel Driver did also at one point hold the 3rd position as the top paid games on Xbox One Creators Collection :o)

Pixel Driver - Fast paced infinite driving


Pixel Driver has been out for a little while now on Android and the feedback has been good so far. A much desired feature is adding turns in the game. Turns is something that would be a great addition but also creates some problems, especially with the AI which I still don’t know exactly how I should program to get it to respect it’s lanes while also turning. However I will give it a try and hopefully I’ll find a way. I also would like to include lane changing indicators and possible a police car AI which will try to stop you at all costs.
Variation is also something that I’m planning to work on in the future like different environments and maybe intersections or possible train passes.
More cars is also something that I will add both as AI and also as cars that you can unlock. However with the future updates the price will go up a little bit as I’ve invested a lot in the game with better music and models.

If you want to see something in the game just write a review and I’ll consider it.

I hope that you will have a great ending of the year and massive good start to the new year. Thanks you all for the downloads & reviews, you are AWESOME!


Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on here
Android here


Feedback and discussions
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Pixel Driver v0.8.2 is out with a brand new style


I’ve published a few updates for Pixel Driver without updating the blog again, sorry just too busy with the gamedev stuff.

v0.8.0 brought a whole new style to the game using outlines around objects creates a more distinct and cartoon style.

Pixel Driver Race in Traffic

Clouds has also been added to the game to give it a more organic feel.

Pixel Driver - Fast paced infinite driving


The AI in the game has also learnt to overtake slower cars and also does a better job at breaking for objects. Speaking of objects now there are obstacles that occur after a while which blocks the road.

Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on here
Android here

Whats new in v0.8.2?
* Android first real release.
* New Feature: When cars or upgrades are possible you will get a notification about it.
* New Feature: When you run out of fuel but still manage to refuel before the car stops then you can keep going.
* New feature: You can set the Toon level in settings.
* New Feature: Game will auto set graphical level based on performance of device.
* New feature: Added localization, now you can play the game in your own language (English, Swedish, Danish, Germany, Spanish and C)
* Improved: More twitchy controls through joypad, faster respons.
* Improved: AI Made the full stop a little softer.
* Improved: Added loading text on menu when level loads.
* Improved: Coins x2 is more visible on Android.
* Fixed bug: On Android you only needed to touch the screen once to keep on going without the need to tap after you run out of fuel.
* Fixed bug: You could play a locked car by just pressing back in the garage :/
* Fixed bug: Players new name was not saved properly.

Whats new in v0.8.1?
* New Feature: Road can be closed.
* New Feature: New soundtracks.
* Improved: Tweaked the AI even more.
* Improved: Increased player cars turn speed.
* Improved: Added re-fuel stations on both sides of the road.
* Improved: New re-fuel stations.
* Improved: Lot’s of smaller tweaks.

Whats new in v0.8.0?
* New feature: Warning when a car is approaching you from behind.
* New feature: Added pretty clouds.
* Improved: Changed graphical style to a more cartoon style (cellshading).
* Improved: AI cars can change lanes and are better a breaking for other cars.
* Improved: Variation to desert level with more objects.
* Improved: Added cars that drive faster then you and pass from behind.
* Improved: Fuel is filled up when tutorial is done.
* Improved: Cameras distance from players car varies slightly depending on the car you are driving.

Whats new in v0.7.9?
* New car added!
* Fixed bug: Coins and fuel cans could spawn on other objects such as trees, signs and more.
* New Feature: Added fuel gauge.
* Improved: Increased speed of all cars.
* Improved: Increased how much the car turns.
* Improved: Changed how acceleration works, faster cars accelerate even faster.
* Improved: Adjust difficulty, make is slightly harder, traffic jams are a bit heavier.
* Improved: Traffic Level increases over time making it harder to just go at full speed.
* Improved: Itch version gets 2x coins too.
* Improved: Coins and fuel cans drop more often if you drive faster. Before it was based on only time.
* Improved: Coins and fuel cans drop less frequent as the game proceeds making it more difficult over time.
* Improved: AI cars do not spawn while tutorial is running.
* Improved: Added support to quit the game with Esc or use back button on mobile.
* Improved: Add B button icon on Xbox One instead in of back texts and icons
* Improved: Add icons in cross game promo, xbox, android, windows
* Changed: Upgrades price is based on default upgrade levels.
* Changed: Increased prices of new cars.

Whats new in v0.7.7?
* New Feature: Hall of fame
* New Feature: Ability to change name
* Improved: Names and flags are a little bit transparent now
* Improved: “Lines” marking where the other players best distance was is less transparent now.
* Improved: First car has a bumper.
* Improved: Increased resolution if flags.
* Improved: Game over screen is slightly less transparent.
* Improved: Added loading splash screen on Xbox One
* Fixed bug: Sorting flags and player names when you pass them now works properly.

Feedback and discussions
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Review of Super Jumpy Ball by Daikon Media

It’s always fun to read review about Super Jumpy Ball, especially when they contain advice how the game could be improved even more 🙂

“Yet another puzzle platformer”, you might say, sigh and scroll. And you’re right: “Super Jumpy Ball” doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s one of thousands 2D retro-inspired puzzle games with already-seen levels, already-seen obstacles, and already-seen traps. But is that a bad thing? No. Should it prevent me from doing a review? Hell, no.

I tell you what: If mankind would have never created anything similar to what already exists, there would be no 5th symphony from Beethoven, Heath Ledger would have never played the best Joker ever and the “Simon Personal Computer” would be the only “smartphone”, we could use. Would you prefer living in this parallel universe? I wouldn’t.

Smile A While

Playing a smiley face, that actually changes its facial expression in certain situations, is actually a cute and funny idea and made me smile – literally.

Also, the level design of “Super Jumpy Ball” is really clever, challenging and never gets boring. Even the first levels managed the balancing act between being accessible (for new players) and interesting. There is no tutorial or long-drawn-out settling-in period, which would be absolutely unnecessary anyway since the game is easy to handle and self-explanatory in every aspect.

Read the complete review here


Get Super Jumpy Ball On:
Xbox One, Windows Desktop & Phone

As a token our of appreciation we also link back to their page here.

Super Jumpy Ball v1.2.8 is out with new levels and more good stuff

Oops I did it again…

Really sorry for the lack of updates. I just realized that the last news update was on v1.2.3 of Super Jumpy Ball and now we’re on v1.2.8 without any posts about it here. I guess making games is more fun than to actually write about them.

But now to the good stuff, a new update is out v1.2.8 which adds 3 new levels and brand new game mechanics. The update is out on Xbox One, Windows Store, Windows Phone and Android. A new thing is that the game is also on (DRM Free).

Also I’d like to give you all a big THANK YOU since you’ve bought Super Jumpy Ball over 600 times on Xbox One, amazing and thank you all for making my dreams come true.

Get the update for:
Xbox One, Windows Desktop & Phone

Check out the game play from one of the new levels:

Super Jumpy Ball - Xbox One

PS Don’t forget to review the game and write what you would like to see in the future. We already have a suggestion to add a magnet. We’ll try to add as many requests as possible. Please spread the word about this game to your friends and family, every new person who plays this games makes me very happy.

What’s the plan for future releases?
I’ve got a number of ideas about things that I want to see in the game. Mostly it is new game mechanics and new levels. I’ve got an idea to make it speedrun friendly with a built in time measure tool and a Hall of fame. How does that sound to you?

What’s new in v1.2.8?
* Added 3 new levels, total of 40 levels.
* New Feature: Added chat with dev.
* Improved: Better presentation of other XBOX/PC games.

* New ball: Pumpkin
* Added 2 new levels, total of 37 levels.

* Fixed Xbox login issue

Pixel Driver v0.7.8 is out

Pixel Driver has received a great reception so far on Xbox One with over 200+ downloads and 6 reviews all 5 out 5 in rating.
Thank you all for the support, feedback and love that I have received from you on this game

Now to the good stuff, the plan was to roll out weekly updates however, RaverKiller a member of our Discord server, found a rather large bug where car upgrades was reset. So instead of waiting for a full week I decided to ship v0.7.8 much faster.

I also decided to keep the version updated so that people who prefere DRM free copies can get it also. You can download the version here.

Now that I’m writing this post I also noticed that I forgot to write something about v0.7.7 which shipped earlier, it mostly contains smaller improvements and bug fixes, fix list is included below.

Another member of our Discord server, Melmut, did this awesome recording when he is speeding down the highway on his Xbox One 😀


Get the Xbox One & PC version here
PC DRM Free on here
Sign up for the Android Beta here

Whats new in v0.7.8?
* Improved: Car is selected when you press back in the garage if the car was unlocked before
* Improved: Add More games button with Super Jumpy Ball
* Fixed bug: Car blows up in the menu of the game
* Fixed bug: Cars colors could reset when you pressed back in the garage.
* Fixed bug: Car upgrades levels was not updated properly after restarting the game unless you cycled cars.

Whats new in v0.7.7?
* New Feature: Hall of fame
* New Feature: Ability to change name
* Improved: Names and flags are a little bit transparent now
* Improved: “Lines” marking where the other players best distance was is less transparent now.
* Improved: First car has a bumper.
* Improved: Increased resolution if flags.
* Improved: Game over screen is slightly less transparent.
* Improved: Added loading splash screen on Xbox One
* Fixed bug: Sorting flags and player names when you pass them now works properly.

Feedback and discussions
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