Pixel Driver

Pixel Driver - Infinite Driving Xbox One, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Store

Play Pixel Driver on Xbox One & Android

Pixel Driver is a casual infinite driving game where you race in heavy traffic at high speeds. Crashing into cars is AWESOME since they actually break up into parts which let’s you cause proper havoc!

Fluent and responsive controls let you dodge other cars at amazing speeds. Pick up coins to unlock new cars and make sure that you refuel your cars at fuel stations or by picking up fuel cans. In our opinion this is a great way to learn how to drive :o)


Super responsive controls
Endless desert 4 lane level  (more will come in the future)
4 unlockable cars  (more will come in the future)
Retro low poly style
Cross-platform, works on Xbox One, PC and mobile devices (Windows Mobile & Android, iOS is planned)



The game is in EARLY ACCESS which means it’s still in development and we want feedback from you in which direction the game should be developed. The game has a generous free 30 day trial but if you like it please buy it so we can put even more resources into making the game even more AWESOME.


We need you’re feedback to make this game even more awesome. Please join our Discord server and give us your honest feedback and opinion. This is your chance to make this into a game you will even love more.