Snake vs Snake

Snake vs Snake Xbox One

Snake vs Snake is obviously yet another Snake clone but with a few twists:

☆ Play up to 4 players in a Mario Kart style battle mode with power ups
☆ Online highscore list
☆ Much faster pace than your average snake game, each time you collect food the snakes move faster
☆ Works with gamepad & keyboard, yes 4 players on the same keyboard, it’s crazy but fun 🙂
☆ Built for Xbox One but will also work on a regular PC.

There is also an endless single player mode for the ones who enjoyed classical snake games.



Xbox One – Creators Collection , Windows Store, PC. Sorry, no mobile version is planned for this game.


Works best with gamepad but you can also use keyboard.
P1 Keyboard
WASD: move
Left shift: powerup 1
Left CTRL: powerup 2

P2 Keyboard
Arrow keys: move
Right shift: powerup 1
Right CTRL: powerup 2

P3 Keyboard
Numpad 8,4,6: move
Numpad 0: powerup 1
Numpad ,: powerup 2

P4 Keyboard
uhjk: move
i: powerup 1
o: powerup 2


The game is in EARLY ACCESS which means it’s still in development and we want feedback from you in which direction the game should be developed. Future ideas is to build a level mode where users can create their own levels.


We need you’re feedback to make this game even more awesome. Please join our Discord server and give us your honest feedback and opinion. This is your chance to make this into a game you will even love more.

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