Super Jumpy Ball

Super Jumpy Ball

Simple & Addictive 2D Platform Puzzle Game

Super Jumpy Ball is inspired by retro platformers with a dash of clever level design and puzzles. Wall jump and avoid spikes, spike balls and other challenging obstacles.

This game is quite hard and you will die… A LOT :o)

Got the Brain & Skills to beat all levels?

Super Jumpy Ball is the spiritual follow up from Super Bounce Ball Maze with the much requested jump button. We’ve had inspiration from games like Super Meat Boy, Thomas was alone and of course Super Mario.


Each level contains a flag and your goal is to reach it. Avoid all red spikes and other red obstacles. Each level also has a star which adds a level of difficulty to the game and gives each level a great replay value.

Can you collect all the stars?


☆ 2 Game modes: Levels, Endless Runner.
☆ 26 varied levels (more will be added if you review the game).
☆ Challenge your friends in Time attack.
☆ Collect stars on each level to show that you are the true Super Jumpy Ball master.
☆ Supports Online Leaderboards on Windows Phone & Desktop.
☆ Supports Android play with leaderboards and achievements (Android only).
☆ Works with touchscreen, keyboard, joypad.
☆ Runs on Windows Desktop, Windows Phone and Android.


This game was made with Unity and we use  NGUI for the UI which in our view is still one of the best plugins for Unity. When creating multi-platform games it’s always important to understand how the game will look on each devices that’s why we use xARM preview. If you would like to know more how the game was created don’t be shy, come and join us on our Discord server: