A new game appears – Snake vs Snake for Xbox One


I’ve been working a bit on a new game alongside my other projects. I wanted to try to create a game that supported 4 players on Xbox One so I thought hey what happens if you combine classical Snake with Mario Kart? Well that’s how I got the idea for Snake vs Snake. The first version is pretty basic but still fun, you can play against up to 4 players in Battle Mode using Mario Kart style powerups to defeat your enemies. Or you can just enjoy a classical endless game of snake where you just eat food and get longer. I did include a global high score list so you can compete with your friends or just prove to everyone that you are the best snake player ever. The retro graphics was fun to recreate with modern technology including the limited frame rate emulation.

I’ve got plans to include a regular mission mode where you need to solve tricky levels and even possibly include a level editor. More powerups in battle mode is something that I’m considering too but I’d love to get your feedback on Snake vs Snake. Either write what you would like to see next in a review or join our Discord Server.

Even though boxart is probably not used anymore I still couldn’t resist the impulse to create of for this game :o)


Snake vs Snake - Xbox One Indie game - Creators Collection



Get the Xbox One & PC version here . Sorry there is no plan to create a mobile version for this game.

Feedback and discussions

Join my discord serverhttps://discord.gg/AyYtKXT


The game is in EARLY ACCESS which means it’s still in development and we want feedback from you in which direction the game should be developed. Future ideas is to build a level mode where users can create their own levels.

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