New game modes appears in Snake vs Snake

WOOT! Another update for Snake vs Snake so soon? Yeah I know it’s a bit crazy but while working on the last update I had a lot of fun so I decided to put in some more work on this awesome game.

In v1.0.9 for Xbox One I’ve added a new PVP mode called Tail Runner. The idea sort of comes from good old Tron where they race with their motorcycles. In this version you can play between 2-4 players and your tail will just keep growing. This increases the tactical level of the game. For now I haven’t added any powerups in this mode and I think it works very good without them, let me know if you disagree (or agree for that matter).

There is also a new single player mode, levels. In this mode you need to collect all apples to clear each level. If you die you have to restart from the first level. This is probably that will be changed in the future so you at least get some chance to fail a level. Maybe you can collect hearts in the future or maybe you’ll get rewarded with a heart every 5 levels, we’ll see in the future.

In this update the controls have been tweaked a bit to be more responsive on gamepads. I Hope you’ll enjoy this update!

Snake vs Snake game Xbox One

v1.0.9 details:

* New PVP Battle mode: Tail Runner
* New game mode: levels
* Improved: Increase responsiveness of controls
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Get the Xbox One & PC version here . Snake vs Snake can be found under the creators collection on Xbox One

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