Super Jumpy Ball is out!

Today is a great day! My next game Super Jumpy Ball was just released on Android.

Super Jumpy Ball is the spiritual follow up from Super Bounce Ball Maze with the much requested jump button.

This is the 11th game that I publish :o)

Super Jumpy Ball is a bit different than Super Bounce Ball Maze, the largest difference is that Super Jumpy Ball has a jump button.
The gravity has also been increased and the ball also reacts faster to the controls, this makes it easier to nail tricky jumps.

The first release only includes 19 levels but more will come once I collect the initial data and feedback to determine if the levels are too easy or hard.

Support for more platforms will come later but my first mission is to add more levels.

Hope you like Super Jumpy Ball!

Click here to download Super Jumpy Ball

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