Solving the UI interaction required to connect to Google Play problem

Today I ran into a strange issue while working on Super Jumpy Ball for Android.

When I ran my signed gamed locally everything went fine and I was able to log into Google Play Games and get the leader boards and achievements.
However as soon as I published and downloaded the game from Google Play the authentication failed and I got the error message “UI interaction required to connect to Google Play”.

After hours of debugging I suddenly remembered that I had activated a new feature on Google Play called Google Play App Signing which is fairly new. How it works is that Google re-signs your game after you upload it and it has a bunch of benefits. What was not mentioned in the documentation is that your game gets a new SHA-1 key. This means that you have to use another SHA-1 key when configuring Google Play Games Services.

The new SHA-1 key is found in the Google Play Developer console under Release Management -> App signing -> App signing certificate – SHA-1.
If you have already created your game under Game Services with the incorrect SHA-1 then you can just change it by going to Google API Manager, press Credentials and select your game and update the SHA-1 key.

That solved my problem with the weird error “UI interaction required to connect to Google Play”, hope it works for you and hopefully you can save a few hours by reading this post 😀


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