Multiroids 5000+ Downloads & v1.0.10 is out!

Great news!

Multiroids has reached over 5000 downloads and I’m celebrating that with yet another update with a bunch of improvements such as much better Photon torpedo network handling and reduced lags in general. It’s also possible to upgrade your mining laser now.

In the coming version I’m also adding a few new variants of Photon torpedo launchers that you will be able to unlock using diamonds.



What’s new in v1.0.10?
* New Feature: Added Mining Laser upgrades
* Improved: Made in game control buttons a few pixels bigger.
* Improved: Better sync between clients when a photon torpedo is fired.
* Improved: Better photon torpedo movments over network, more in sync.
* Fixed bug: There is no connection timeout on connecting, add timer.
* Fixed bug: Respawn rates are not faster after buying IAP.
* Fixed bug: Crashes on no internet.
* Fixed bug: Ship HP graphics could wrap incorrectly due to HP being less than 0.
* Fixed bug: Credits fade out too fast

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