Getting Snake vs Snake ready for Nintendo Switch

I’ve got some awesome news to share with you: Snake vs Snake is coming to Nintendo Switch.
I can’t believe it either but I’ve been working on the Switch version for about a week on the Dev Kit that I received.

Since the game is built with Unity the porting did go fairly smooth but at the same time I enhanced a bunch of things for the PC and Xbox release too.

In this release a leaderboard for the levels game mode has been added. You get to see fireworks if you manage to complete all levels 🙂 The controls have also been tweaked even more to provide the best possible response on all platforms. I’ve also added a few features to make the game slightly easier like not allowing the player to press backwards to run over it’s own tail.

I hope that you will enjoy this update.

Play Snake vs Snake Xbox One. Indie game.

Details of what’s new in v1.1.1

* New feature: You get scores in level mode too.
* New Feature: Added leaderboard support for Level mode.
* Improved: Even better responsive controls when using analog game pad.
* Improved: Added a safe guard system to avoid the player from going backwards into it’s own tail.
* Improved: You start without tail in level mode and PVP endless mode, this gives you more options how to solve each level.
* Improved: When the game is over in Endless or Level mode it won’t restart by itself. That way you can review the leaderboard and your score.
* Improved: When you die the score counts down in level mode.
* Improved: Added support for more gamepads and joytsticks on PC.
* Improved: When you quit a game, it now opens the select game mode screen instead of the main menu.
* Fixed bug: Game stats do not reset on PVP mode when you start a new game.


Get the Xbox One & PC version here . Snake vs Snake can be found under the creators collection indie section on Xbox One.

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