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Although this game is a tribute to the old classical Nokia Snake that you played on your 3310, I couldn’t resist to implement a few awesome suggestions that I received from a fan. In this updated I’ve revamped most of the graphics in the game and the result was totally awesome. Now the snakes looks adorable and it’s easier to see who is doing damage on the battlefield as each snakes color is used when their bombs explode.

In the update more options are available under settings so you can set how much the screen should shake and if the controls should rumble or not.

Check out the difference in the new vs old graphics below.

New graphics style

Snake vs Snake Xbox One indie game

Old graphics style

Snake vs Snake Xbox One indie game

Details of what’s new inĀ v1.1.5

* New graphics!
* New feature: Setting for screenshake amount in settings.
* New Feature: Setting for vibrate on / off.
* Improved: Snake graphics, they are sooooo much adorable now šŸ˜€
* Improved: Pimped most graphics.
* Improved: A different color is used for the “playable” area.
* Improved: Add particle trail for shots.
* Fixed bug: you can activate powerups while the snake is dying.


Get the Xbox One & PC versionĀ hereĀ . Snake vs Snake can be found under theĀ creators collection indie section on Xbox One. Also available on itch.io and gamejolt.

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