Snake vs Snake improved leaderboard in v1.2.1

Hey! On this update I’m trying something new a development vlog where I ramble about the update.

Below there is a regular text update if you prefer that.

Right, now to the regular text update which includes a few things that I forgot to mention. After reading the first review for Snake vs Snake on Nintendo Switch I got a bit devastated. The Inner Circle Games Network gave Snake vs Snake 3.2/5 stars, you can read the review here. I was hoping for a better rating to be honest. Well after a day I climbed out of the cave again and decided that they had a point the game needs to be improved. The review did give Snake vs Snake 7.2/10 in score for gameplay which is actually pretty good. So this update focused on solving a few things that was brought up in the review like the ability to access the leaderboard from the main menu. With the update you also get a new Speedrun mode where you get an infinite retries for each level but it adds to your total time so if you are better you’ll get a lower final time when you complete all levels. The previous level mode has been changed into hardcore mode where you only get 3 hearts to complete the whole game and the pace is much faster. Actually the overall pace of the game has been increased in each mode except for Endless (Classical mode). In the next updates I’m looking into fixing a proper end condition for the multiplayer mode and also improve the levels in single player mode to make them more interesting.

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Details of what’s new in v1.2.1

* New single player game mode: Speedrun.
* New single player game mode: Hardcore.
* New Feature: You can access the leaderboard from the main menu.
* Improved: Increased default speed in all game modes except for endless.
* Improved: Added how many levels remain in level mode in the UI.
* Improved: Leaderboard can be sorted on friends & top 100. You can also change leaderboard (Nintendo Switch).
* Improved gamepad input and added setting to set sensitivity.
* Improved: Decreased short tune battle start volume.
* Improved: In level mode the snakes increase in speed every second to make it harder to get very long and high scores.
* Improved: Added menu music.
* Improved: Tuned down volume on menu change items.
* Fixed Bug: Flags are missing at times, reason is that you can skip by pressing B.
* Fixed Bug: “Rank” is not correct if there are more than 100 scores on the leaderboard (Nintendo Switch).
* Fixed Bug: “Rank” is not correct if there are more than 100 scores on the leaderboard (Nintendo Switch).


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