Sneaky snakes sneak out on Android

I know that I said that Snake vs Snake wouldn’t come to mobile devices… Turns out they were sneakier than expected. I’m happy to announce that Snake vs Snake was released today on Android!
Get it here.

After doing some experiment I found that a swipe control method worked really really well for Snake vs Snake so I decided to port it over. All features except for multiplayer with other human players are included.

The game is free but contains ads that you can remove with an In app purchase. So now you can play Snake vs Snake 24 hours around the clock and even if you are on the buss or train.

Checkout the trailer below

Details of what’s new in v1.1.9

* Added a new level.
* New feature: Added pause button on Android.
* Improved: Added swipe tutorial for Android first time you play the game.
* Improved: Now you can tap to add more bots in battlemod on Android.
* Improved: Made P1 input bigger on Android so you can tap power-ups easier.
* Fixed bug: High score list failed to center on players own score.


Get the Xbox One & PC version here . Snake vs Snake can be found under the creators collection indie section on Xbox One. Also available on and gamejolt.
Get the Android version here

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