Happy new year! Super Bounce Ball Maze out on iPhone & iPad

Howdy folks!

It’s a great brand new year 2017, wow! Well it’s now been 6 years since I published my first mobile game on Windows Phone 7.

Asteroid Lander
I remember that the game was very hard, not even my friends managed to land the damn rocket but I was still totally happy especially with the particle system & flame 😀 Amazingly people are still playing the game!

Since then I’ve published over 10 games which have been downloaded over 5 million times which is AMAZING! Thank you all for your support, without it I wouldn’t be making games today.

Well back to 2017
Super Bounce Ball Maze has just been released on iPhone. This is my first iPhone release but it turned out very good. Try it already!

I did sneak out an update for Android which includes more levels and other great things. Soon coming on Windows Store too.

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