Super Bounce Ball Maze endless mode is here for IOS too

It took a few days for the update to pass the certification for IOS but now it’s finally here.

Now you can enjoy Endless level on your iPhone and also compete with your friends on the leaderboard.

Achievements have also been added to the iPhone version.

Hope you like it!

This is a screenshot from the Windows Phone version

Super Bounce Ball Maze Hall of Fame

Click here to download Super Bounce Ball Maze

What’s new in Super Bounce Ball Maze v1.3.1

* INTRODUCING: New game mode: Endless (BETA)
* New Feature: Support for PC Standalone
* New Feature: Support for OSX Standalone
* New Feature: Best Distance is now shown.
* Improved: Camera is adapting position depending on speed of player. Makes it easier to handle obstacles in endless mode.
* Improved: Input mode is detected and tutorial tips use that to guide the user.
* Fixed bug: Pause and Restart button didn’t disappear when you died. Fixed that.

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