Super Bounce Ball Maze gets 7/10 in App Apes review :D

Great news!

App Apes did a review on Super Bounce Ball Maze and gave it 7/10.

Super Bounce Ball Maze review. iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows Phone

“Falling in a pit of spikes can be a real pain, but so can boredom. Given the choice between the two, the choice is clear: the pit of spikes. Digital spikes, that is. These spikes can be found in the difficult-to-master iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app, Super Bounce Ball Maze. Super Bounce Ball Maze has the challenge players need to slay boredom and can be picked up and put down at anytime leaving the game casual, which is apt given the company responsible for the game’s creation is The controls are simple and even intuitive, but there is the challenge of not having a jump feature. Players must rely on momentum, timing, and objects in the environment to defy gravity and pass dangerous obstacles.”

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