Review of Super Jumpy Ball by Daikon Media

It’s always fun to read review about Super Jumpy Ball, especially when they contain advice how the game could be improved even more 🙂

“Yet another puzzle platformer”, you might say, sigh and scroll. And you’re right: “Super Jumpy Ball” doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s one of thousands 2D retro-inspired puzzle games with already-seen levels, already-seen obstacles, and already-seen traps. But is that a bad thing? No. Should it prevent me from doing a review? Hell, no.

I tell you what: If mankind would have never created anything similar to what already exists, there would be no 5th symphony from Beethoven, Heath Ledger would have never played the best Joker ever and the “Simon Personal Computer” would be the only “smartphone”, we could use. Would you prefer living in this parallel universe? I wouldn’t.

Smile A While

Playing a smiley face, that actually changes its facial expression in certain situations, is actually a cute and funny idea and made me smile – literally.

Also, the level design of “Super Jumpy Ball” is really clever, challenging and never gets boring. Even the first levels managed the balancing act between being accessible (for new players) and interesting. There is no tutorial or long-drawn-out settling-in period, which would be absolutely unnecessary anyway since the game is easy to handle and self-explanatory in every aspect.

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