Super Jumpy Ball v1.2.8 is out with new levels and more good stuff

Oops I did it again…

Really sorry for the lack of updates. I just realized that the last news update was on v1.2.3 of Super Jumpy Ball and now we’re on v1.2.8 without any posts about it here. I guess making games is more fun than to actually write about them.

But now to the good stuff, a new update is out v1.2.8 which adds 3 new levels and brand new game mechanics. The update is out on Xbox One, Windows Store, Windows Phone and Android. A new thing is that the game is also on (DRM Free).

Also I’d like to give you all a big THANK YOU since you’ve bought Super Jumpy Ball over 600 times on Xbox One, amazing and thank you all for making my dreams come true.

Get the update for:
Xbox One, Windows Desktop & Phone

Check out the game play from one of the new levels:

Super Jumpy Ball - Xbox One

PS Don’t forget to review the game and write what you would like to see in the future. We already have a suggestion to add a magnet. We’ll try to add as many requests as possible. Please spread the word about this game to your friends and family, every new person who plays this games makes me very happy.

What’s the plan for future releases?
I’ve got a number of ideas about things that I want to see in the game. Mostly it is new game mechanics and new levels. I’ve got an idea to make it speedrun friendly with a built in time measure tool and a Hall of fame. How does that sound to you?

What’s new in v1.2.8?
* Added 3 new levels, total of 40 levels.
* New Feature: Added chat with dev.
* Improved: Better presentation of other XBOX/PC games.

* New ball: Pumpkin
* Added 2 new levels, total of 37 levels.

* Fixed Xbox login issue

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