Online multiplayer support and much more juicy stuff in Total Arcade Racing v0.2.0

I’ve gotten a lot of question if Total Arcade Racing  will support multiplayer. Originally the plan was just to support local multiplayer as it’s complicated and hard to get multiplayer to actually work on all platforms. But with all the requests about adding multiplayer support I decided to at least try to add support for it.

I decided to use Photon Engine for the network support. I’ve used PUN in 3 other projects and felt like it was the fastest way to add support for network and it also works on the target platforms that I want to support. Implementing the code changes wasn’t that hard as I pretty much had all the required code from another project. After a few days work network support was done and I was surprised how well it actually worked. As a start it uses a single US server as it increases the chances of actually finding someone to race with, in the future I can move it to region support instead.


To make the courses more interesting I added boost areas where you get extra speed when you pass them and oil spills which reduces the traction for a while.

Inspired by Mario Kart I added a boost if you press the accelerator at the right time when a race starts.

Details v0.2.1
* Improved: Music fades in at game startup instead of blasting at full volume.
* Improved: Added splashscreen.

* Fixed Bug: Player start boost didn’t work some times.
* Fixed Bug: If you have music volume set to zero you will still hear the music for a short while when the game starts.
* Fixed bug: UI Canvas scaling doesn’t work properly on ultra wide screen, the UI is offscreen.
* Fixed bug: You can’t get down to “save” in the settings using only a controller, it gets stuck at the player’s name.

Online multiplayer related:
* Improved: Added player idle detection
* Improved: Host checks if players actually complete laps. If no one is completing laps the host will get kicked and another host will take over.
* Fixed bug: While waiting for other players and you race then lap counts and if you complete more than 4 laps AI will take over.
* Fixed bug: The host car orientation was not set properly when a race is starting which caused weird things like the host facing the other cars.

Details v0.2.0
* Added: ONLINE multiplayer support.
* New Feature: Mario kart style turbo if you hit the accelerate button at just the right time.
* New Feature: Boost area which you get extra speed when you pass.
* New Feature: Oil spills which causes your car to loose grip.
* Improved: Removed count down on multiplayer & single player in main menu.
* Improved: Added more flags to county selection.

* Fixed bug: If you have a score downloaded and you change nickname or country it won’t update unless you beat your score.
* Fixed bug: Course are a little bit more narrow, when playing on TV it extends the levels bejoynd the TV safe zone.
* Fixed bug: Music volume changed in setting doesn’t work anymore.

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