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As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been struggling to keep up the weekly/bi-weekly news updates. So instead of trying to force a behavior that clearly doesn’t work for me I’ll post updates when there is something important to mention.

On the positive side of thing the actual development of Total Arcade Racing is going pretty good. The Steam page is up and you can now wishlist it here

Total Arcade Racing Steam

The goal is to enter Early Access closer to summer.

Itch builds
I’ll keep on supporting itch with the builds but from today I’ll start charging for Total Arcade Racing. As the game progress in development the price will be increased and I’m aiming to charge 9$ for the game once it’s completed.

A new update is ready for you to try on v0.3.0 🥳

Here is what’s new in v0.2.7 – v0.3.0 New Endless mode The single player experience was pretty boring so far. The AI is ok to race against a few laps but it still not fun enough to be really entertaining. To combat that I’ve created a new Endless game mode where you need to reach the next checkpoint before the time runs out, pretty classic.  Implementing this game mode was way more challenging than expected as the AI needed to be re-written, there was no code to handle scrolling etc. Currently this mode is in an alpha stage and needs a lot more love before it really becomes challenging and fun.

Total Arcade Racing Steam

Demolition Derby mode
I’ve added a new game mode for local multiplayer, Demolition Derby. You need to take out the other cars by hitting them as hard as possible while avoiding getting hit. Collect power-ups to repair your car. If a game takes to long a storm will close down on the cars which reduces the game play area, Battle Royale style.

Total Arcade Racing Steam

Improved UI 
The UI was a nightmare to handle with the original code and has been rebuild with improved navigation making it just as easy to use a mouse or gamepad to navigate in the entire game. The UI is a bit better looking now but still needs more work.

Total Arcade Racing Steam


Detailed changed log

* Added: Steam page!
* Added: Closed beta on Steam.

* Improved: Add support for 8 controllers on PC.
* Improved: New UI in menu.
* Improved: Changed button selection “tip” from round to rectangle if keyboard is active to make it more clear that the input is keyboard.
* Improved: Online server region is handled in code and is currently hard coded to US West.
* Improved: Showing ping in online mode.
* Improved: Added sound effects on UI (car select, button select etc)
* Improved: Select Country, added “Save” button tip when gamepad is plugged in.
* Improved: Handles case when a controller gets connected and select an UI element, like on Nintendo Switch.
* Improved: Change so that the B button is always back regarless if you are selecting cars or not.
* Improved: AI got stuck too often, improved how the AI will act when it gets stuck.
* Improved: Endless mode, disabled the black color for AI cars.

* Fixed bug: Online mode was broken.
* Fixed bug: It’s not possible to select a course or a car with the keyboard.
* Fixed bug: When selecting car in single player mode it skips color selection.
* Fixed Bug: AI “Ready” text is moved to the right.
* Fixed bug: If you hover over the back button and press A on the gamepad it will trigger the button.
* Fixed Bug: There was two green car skins. Fixed it and added a purple and a pink one.
* Fixed Bug: When pressing add player with the controller it would at times add 2 players.
* Fixed bug: Power-ups was not disappearing like they should.
* Fixed Bug: Course selection is moving too fast causes the courses to overlap when changing course.
* Fixed bug: Hall of fame was showing users own score twice in endless mode.
* Fixed Bug: Tiremarks stick out in front of the car.

* Added: Endless Mode
* Improved: Zoomed in game a bit more so that the cars become slightly bigger.

Erhmm not sure what happened here, skipped this version for some reason that I don’t even know of 🙂

* Added: Demolition Derby Mode

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