Sandbox mode in Traffic Race 3D 2 v1.7.3


Traffic Race 3D 2 has been out for a while now on Xbox One and I’ve received lots of good feedback but also ideas. Several of the ideas are a bit crazy like add more jumps and stunts. I love them but I’m not sure in what way to add them to the game so I decided to create a Sandbox level where I can try out different things and also allow you to try them too.

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The AI in the game has also received a few updates. I’ve also added AI drivers to the rally level and round hill level. The user interface has also received some much needed love in the update. The goal is to improve the user interface a bit more in the next release and the ability to select different cars when you race against a friend to make it more interesting.


Get the Xbox One & PC version here .
You can also get the Android version .

What else is new in v1.7.3

* Added new stage: Sandbox
* Improved: Made it easier to understand how many stars you get on each level. Both in game and when loading a level.
* Improved: Added race duration time in game.
* Improved: US & UK get speed in MPS instead.
* Improved: Added AI to Rally track.
* Improved: Added AI to Round Hill.
* Improved: Made it slightly easier to get 3 stars on some levels.
* Improved: Increased how many coins you get after completing a race.
* Improved: Hall of fame will auto center on the players score.
* Fixed bug: Scrolling with Xbox Controller in Hall of fame now works.
* Fixed bug: Porsh rear view camera was not placed correctly.

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