Twilight Tower Defense Open Development – Week #7

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Hey there!

Wow another week has already passed and there’s been progress 🙂 But creating games takes a lot of time and during the process you’ll need to learn new skills.This week I spent a significant amount of time into  improving my skills around Unity’s UI system.

As always if you like this game and the concept head over to the Discord Server and give me a hand with features, feedback and ideas that I can add to the game.

What have we been up to this week?

The very first early build of the game is available on which is a big step for me and I feel slightly nervous about people playing the game at such an early state. There isn’t much you can do in the game yet, you can move around pick a bow and fire at things. At night Zombies come out and you’ll need to survive while protecting the people in the house, don’t let any enemies in. The goal is to upload new builds weekly.

UI Menu system
In my previous games I’ve used nGUI instead of the built in system in Unity. My main reasons for using nGUI was performance since the old UI system in Unity 5.x was extremely bad. The guy that did nGUI was hired by Unity to make the new UI system so it’s has a lot of resemblance but it’s not the same so it took a while to get everything to work as I wanted with support for gamepad, mouse and keyboard.

Fixing bugs in the animation and AI state machine
Last week the animation system and AI state machine was added but it did a few bugs that came out when testing the game. On funny bug was the the state machine didn’t notice if an enemy died of a heat shot and tried to keep animating it, causing this slightly unnerving death twitches.

Kenney Jam game -> TRAC (Totally Rad Arcade Racing)
I feel a little bit that I’m cheating on Twilight Tower Defense but I had a lot of fun making my tiny racing game so I keep working on it and now it’s got a proper title: TRAC (Totally Rad Arcade Racing)

Snake vs Snake sold more than 10 000 units
I can’t stop myself talking about this but it’s just amazing! Snake vs Snake has sold more than 10 000 copies across all platforms. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

How is the time budget doing?

This week I’ve been able to spend 12 hours on Twilight Tower Defense.

The initial time budget for Twilight Tower Defense was 1 840 hours, roughly 1 year of me working work 40 hours per week on the game. Now every week won’t be 40 hours, currently I’m aiming at 20 – 25 hours per week.

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