Twilight Tower Defense Open Development – Week #9

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Progress on Twilight Tower Defense was a little bit slow this week since I had to focus a bit on Super Jumpy Ball which is launching on Nintendo Switch on Friday¬†ūüéČ

As always if you like this game and the concept head over to the Discord Server and give me a hand with features, feedback and ideas that I can add to the game.

What have I been up to this week?

I’ve focused on improving the construction of Towers during this week. There is still a number of improvements left but it’s a big leap forward compared with the previous version.

There is a new version that you can play on¬†itch,¬†this is what’s new in it.

Improved construction of Towers
There is now a UI showing how much a Tower will cost before you build it. And¬†there is also the ability change change Tower. A bit of juice has been added with a nice “thump” animation when you place Towers and suitable sound effect. The Tower indicates in red when you cannot place it, if there is a tower already in that space or if you simply can’t afford it. Behind the scenes there was a plenty of work so support this with data structures to support many different Towers in the future.

I’ve made some decisions which influences the controls in the game. With gamepad X is now the “Cancel” button. So if you start to build a Tower with B you can cancel it with X. The Y button is now the pickup weapon button.

On Keyboard I changed the E button to be the pickup weapon button.

Detailed change log
* New Tower: Wood palisade Tower.
* Improved: Tower placement, towers get red when they cannot be placed. Added Particle + sound effect + shake effect when Towers are placed.
* New feature: Ability to cycle towers.
* Improved: Ability to cancel construction of Tower.
* Improved: Show cost when building Tower.
* Improved: If you have too little money to build a Tower then flash the color of the cost of a Tower, and play denied sound effect.
* Improved: If you press B a Tower will appear even if you can’t afford it.
* Improved: Bow Tower shows a ! when it’s out of ammo.
* Improved: Changed weapon pickup to Y on gamepad and E on keyboard.

Super Jumpy Ball
This week on Friday, Super Jumpy Ball, is launching on Switch¬†ūüéČ
You can buy it with a 10% pre-order discount here.

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