New update for Ztellar is out! v0.5.4

Ztellar is a new project that I’ve been working on for a while now.

It’s a retro space shooter inspired by old school arcade machines.

Your mission is to defeat the evil droids using your ship and your wingmen.

The full game will feature missions and also an endless mode.

The game is still in early development but I hope to be able to update it on a weekly basis.

Ztellar - A retro space shooter

Click here to download Ztellar

What’s new in Ztellar v0.5.4

* New Feature: Particles exlosions
* New Feature: Added backend support for High Score system (Endless levels)
* Improved: Made construction bot even easier for the tutorial
* Improved: Added support for A/D buttons on PC

* Fixed Bug: When unit moves “up” the bullet splash effect becomes wrong. Probably need to make sure that there is no – speed 😀

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